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Bleustream Acronymies

CMA – Cloud Media Access – the basics of getting into or “reaching the media on or from the cloud”

MAS – Media Access Sources – is the program or the cloud

SS – Streaming Source

MAD – Media Access Device – is defined as the hardware that allows  you to reach the media or streaming source.

SAD – Sources and Devices – sources are of course the places or programs that are in the cloud, Devices are any Hardware that allow you to access these sources.

SAP - Source Access Point – is the location that is used to stream you’re your media source from – ie, your router, hotspot or cell phone or TV antenna or even “in the air”

AC – Access Categories – is defined as a source of media defined or broken down – ie, Video, Music, Applications, Images, etc.

Program – Program is defined as a station or location that is a channel or place to play your media, ie. Program 1 is Prime TV (what CBS is to the shows you watch or What (KzOK is to the music you listen) etc

BLA Bleustream Legal Access Addons – Access to programs and media that have been determined safe and friendly under the code of conduct at the Bleustream company

SIP – Sources in Place – The information that is placed in the a file that will allow access to programs and media

DOS – Device Operating System – This is the OS like – Android, MS, Apple, Lynix and any many others to come and have gone

DAP – Device Access Point

CA – Cloud Access – of course is access to the information that is “in the cloud”

Cloud – Cloud is the very generic term that is used to define a place or area where the media can be found played from.

HA – Hard Access – is the hardware that allows direct access like an old fashion TV or radio (today would be your Video Screen, Big Screen, Mp3, phone etc.

SA  – Soft Access – is of course the software or program that allows you to access media and entertainment from the cloud

SVO – Sound and Video Out – the male side of your device that will provide an out source for your sound and Video

TV – Tele Vision – The old word for your big screen

MA – Media Access – ie. Access to Media – like music, video, games, pictures, applications etc.

PO – Program Organizer – ie Kodi

Addons – programs or AC (Access Sources) added to the Program Organizer ie. Fusion

Skin – A fancy way to say the face, picture of cover page of the SAP

QA – Quality Access

IPtv – Internet protocol TV or television.  Allows access to steaming content all over the world from local public access to major network broadcast media, television and moves from around the globe.

DA – Dish Access - Allows access to digital content from a satellite to your localized dish antenna on your property or close to your AP or access point ie. Television.

CMOS – Cloud Media Organization System such as Kodi - Organizes all your media localized and on the cloud for easy access to your movies, music and games - like your old HTPC.


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Blue Stream or Bluestream is a major trans (cross border) Black Sea gas pipeline that carries natural gas from Russia to Turkey.

Bleu stream or Bleustream is the original Cloud Media Access Service and support company that allows continental content access from around the globe, so if you need gas go to bluestream if you need content come to bleustream!~  Thank you for Visiting! - Please "pass it on"